Manual: Connecting to Content Caches

The UIXP hosts caches which serve content from various content providers. Some caches automatically serve content to peering networks via the UIXP route servers while others require manual activation. Below are a list of caches that require manual activation along with instructions to enable access:

Meta has deployed a cache at the UIXP which is free to access for all connected networks. In order to receive Meta content via the UIXP, visit and follow the instructions. Then, contact us and we will follow up with Meta to ensure that your application is confirmed and activated as quickly as possible. There is no charge for access.

The UIXP (AS 328998) hosts a Netflix cache which is free to access for all connected networks thanks to a generous bandwidth donation from Lyca Mobile. To connect, simply append your BGP announcements to the UIXP route servers with the community string 40027:4000. Once you have done that, our AS (328998) should start sending you Netflix traffic automatically. Alternatively, you can contact us to establish a bilateral BGP session with our ASN using the same community string. Attached is a document which explains this in more detail.

Please let us know if you have any questions.